Call Recorder for Samsung Mobile ||Automatic Call Recorder Download

Looking to download Call recorder for Samsung mobile or any other Android mobile? Here you can get all the related information. We are presenting the various methods to download Call recorder for your smartphones.

Call recording is an application which gives the user an option to records the conversation of the people in the call. You can save the recordings and can hear it later when required. There may be some cases, when you forget some important information that is told in the phone call. To avoid these cases, technology has developed a tool called CALL RECORDER. You can record the conversation and hear it whenever required.

With the advancement for Technology, there are many updates in the automatic call recorder. The voice quality has been made HD, the location of the caller is known and information about the service provider is noted. Google drive and drop box allows the recordings to be saved and synchronize with cloud.


Download Call recorder app for Samsung / Android mobiles using Apk file or from Google Play store

Some Samsung phones get automatic call recording pre-installed. It is not a big issue if there is no call recording pre-installed. You can directly download from Play Store or get it installed using the Apk file. This method works with almost all Samsung models like Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note 3, Note 4, Samsung J5, J3, J3, A5, A7 Samsung Duos etc.

Steps to download Call Recorder free for Samsung using Apk file:

  • Download call recorder apk file from a trusted website like Apkmirror to your Samsung phone
  • Enable unknow sources using the security settings in your mobile.
  • Go to the folder in which Apk is download and click on it
  • Now the App will be downloaded and then installed on your phone

Steps to download Call Recorder for Samsung free from Google play store:

  • First open the Google play store app on your Samsung mobile and search for “Automatic Call recorder”
  • Now in the displayed search results, click on Automatic Call Recorder
  • The app will get downloaded and then you can install it by clicking the “Install” button

Features for Automatic Call Recorder for Samsung/ Android mobiles

  1. Saves call recording: All the phone calls get saved automatically in the selected folder.
  2. Caller details: All the details about the caller like location, information about the service provider are displayed.
  3. Quality of voice: With new updated version of automatically call recording tool, the quality of voice is improved. Voices are saved with HD Quality.
  4. Automatically delete call: The older phone call recording gets deleted automatically when new phone call gets into the folder. It depends upon the size of the folder.
  5. Notification status: Information about the number like location, service provider is notified both in incoming and outgoing call.
  6. Backup folder: With Google Drive and Dropbox, lost recordings can be restored. All the recordings get synchronized with cloud.
  7. Password security: You can add password security if you do not want others to listen your conversations.

Working of Automatic Call Recorder in Samsung Phones

Whenever you start your conversation, the recorder starts working automatically. After you complete your conversation, it gets saved automatically in the selected folder. You can now listen to the recording whenever required and share it by adding notes with anyone.

With the updated versions, all the bugs that occurred got repaired, sound quality has been improved and user interface is amended.

CONCLUSION: If you want to record a phone call, automatic call recorder is the best option for recording. It saves the call recording and then you can hear the recording whenever you want. Hope this article helps you with downloading Call recorder for your Samsung mobile

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